260.000 smiles for the end of the 8th Youth Sports Games

After 86 days and competitions in 34 towns in BiH, thousands of kilometres crossed, over 44.000 participants, 19.000 matches played and five days of the final competitions in Sarajevo, the 8th BH Telecom Youth Sports Games were closed.

260.000 smiles for the end of the 8th Youth Sports Games

Sat, 11. August 2018.

Yesterday, on 10.08.2018, in the Sports hall in Mojmilo the last medals were awarded to the best participants of this year’s Big finale of the Games.

The audience had the opportunity to watch the final futsal match of the Bingo UNIFIED CUP, where joint teams of boys and girls with and without developmental difficulties fought for the title of the best in the country. After a difficult final match between the teams “Paralel I” from Tuzla and “Drin Fojnica” from Fojnica the boys and girls from Fojnica secured their gold medal at the Bingo UNIFIED CUP with a single shot. This year the Special Olympics of BiH is celebrating its 20th year, during which the BiH athletes managed to win 87 medals at the Winter and Summer Olympic Games and Olympic Games Europe. This year is also special because it marks the 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics World Games, and the Games held UNIFIED competitions in 6 BiH towns, in cooperation with the Special Olympics of BiH and with the financial support of USAID, with the goal of promoting inclusiveness in sports.

This year a total of 430 medals have been awarded and they went to Tuzla, Bihać, Kozarska Dubica, Orašje, Domaljevac, Sarajevo, Zvornik, Brčko, Zenica, Istočno Sarajevo, Osijek, Zavidovići, Gradiška, Modriča, Gradačac, Doboj, Gornji Vakuf, Bratunac, Donji Vakuf and Čapljina.