Džanan Musa, the new Ambassador

At today’s event held in the sports hall of the high schools “Gimnazija Dobrinja” and “Peta gimnazija” in Sarajevo, Džanan Musa, The Brooklyn Nets player, officially joined the big YSG family.

Džanan Musa, the new Ambassador

Mon, 10. September 2018.

In 2012, along with the team KK Bosna XXL, Džanan Musa won the Games’ regional competition in Bihać and earned a trip to the Big finale in Sarajevo where they competed precisely in this sports hall. That is why this location was selected as the place where Džanan would be declared the new Ambassador of the Games.

“I made my first big steps precisely on this basketball court, here in Sarajevo at the Youth Sports Games and I think it would be an honor for any athlete to return to the place where they started and give back to the girls and boys by showing them the right way to the world and the way they should behave. I have been through a lot and there have been many people who have tried to diminish my success and that is exactly why I want to tell young people to be persistent in everything they do, to follow their dreams because if their dreams are big and crazy enough they will come true”, said Džanan Musa, the Games Ambassador and Brooklyn Nets player.

Džanan was also awarded the gold medal of the Youth Sports Games that he did not win in the original competition, by the young Games Ambassador who uses basketball to battle cerebral palsy and whose story is just as inspiring and marked with the saying “The difference between what is possible and impossible lies in a person’s determination”.