Petrinja hosted the first Telemach Sports Day in the new season

The city stadium in Petrinja became the center of amateur sports in Croatia on Friday.

Petrinja hosted the first Telemach Sports Day in the new season


The new season of Plazma Youth Sports Games started in Petrinja with Telemach Sports Day. The wish of the organizers was that after all the difficult events in the Sisak-Moslavina County in this way to enable children to socialize with their peers through the best possible way - sports competitions.

The opening ceremony of Telemach Sports Day was supported by Darinko Dumbović, Mayor of Petrinja, Sonja Miočić, Director of Communications Telemach Croatia, Marijana Grubešić, Social Responsibility Coordinator Telemach Croatia and Tihana Butorac, Public Relations Manager of Plazma Youth Sports Games. The sports-educational event opened with a symbolic lighting of flames brought by young athletes from Petrinja.

Sports and educational gatherings and competitions in border guard and athletics gathered children from Petrinja, Glina, Lekenik and Popovača who fought for a place in the state finals of Telemach Sports Day, which will be held in mid-July in Split. Little amateur athletes will have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of Split for free and socialize with kids from all over Croatia completely free of charge.


Telemach Sports Day

Telemach Sports Day is designed as a sports-educational platform whose goal is to promote healthy lifestyles and generally accepted social values ​​(multiculturalism, tolerance, respect for diversity) through socializing and sports. The project is based on the model of sports games, which promote cooperation, tolerance and socializing, and puts competitions in the background. This year, Telemach Sports Day will organize sports and educational events in 23 cities throughout Croatia. Telemach is part of the United Group, a leading provider of telecommunications services and media in Southeast Europe. The United Group operates in eight countries and includes the leading telecommunications operators in the region.

Applications are also open for other sports categories: Coca-Cola Cup in football, HEP handball tournament, Hrvatska pošta Cup tennis tournament, Kinder tournament in street basketball, tournament in beach volleyball, volleyball, chess and table tennis on the website www.igremladih. org