We celebrated the Croatian Olympic Day in Daruvar

Within the support of the Croatian Olympic Comitee and Croatian sports in general, the Sports Association of the City of Daruvar organized a celebration of the Croatian Olympic Day.

We celebrated the Croatian Olympic Day in Daruvar


In the King Tomislav Square in Daruvar, on Monday, September 10 starting at 5 pm, was marked the celebration of the Croatian Olympic Day.

All members of the City of Daruvar Sports Association presented their sports associations, and as a special guest PlazmaYouth Sports Games presented their activities and announced their new season.

Daruvar's Mayor, Mr. Damir Lneniček, visited at our exhibit corner and as many fellow citizens did not miss the opportunity to photograph with Viktor-our mascot.

Viktor was the main hit on the square, and he also took part in all the sports presented by sports associations. The sports atmosphere in Daruvar has as always been great, and many small athletes have already been questioning for the next year because everyone wants to go the state finals in Savudrija and Split! :)

The Croatian Olympic Day is devoted to the date of the founding of the Croatian Olympic Comitee on September 10, is today a generally accepted event that promotes the importance of engaging in sporting activities, the Olympic principles of excellence in every area, understanding, peace and solidarity among people as a component of the Olympics . The program is equally encouraged by individuals and groups, sports communities and associations, schools and colleges, kindergartens, local and regional self-government units, sports recreation companies and others. The outer link of this traditional manifestation of the celebration of Olympism is the white "flag of friendship". Namely, the white background of the Olympic flag on which five circles are drawn today is universally accepted as the Olympic symbol of universal fair play, friendship and peace